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Rose Plays Julie
When Rose (Ann Skelly) finds and reaches out to her birth mother, Ellen (Orla Brady), it’s clear Ellen has no wish to have any contact. But Rose continues to press Ellen, who then reveals a secret she has kept for more than 20 years. This revelation compels Rose to find and confront her biological father, Peter (Aidan Gillen), setting them all on an violent and unsettling course. 

Content advisory: Animal euthanasia, animal autopsy, sexual assault (discussed and shown)

“The Show the Pentagon Couldn’t Stop!”

In 1971, at the height of the Vietnam War, Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland toured an anti-war comedy show across Southeast Asia. It was directly engaged with and inspired by veterans against the war and, naturally, it upset U.S. military higher-ups. The F.T.A. tour was highly controversial and was a huge success among stationed soldiers. In spite of positive reviews and business, director Francine Parker’s film version was quickly taken out of circulation due to political pressures and has been difficult to see for decades.

F.T.A. has now been fully restored in 4K by IndieCollect and is preceded by a new video introduction by Academy Award-winning actor and activist Jane Fonda, which provides historical context and explains the impetus that sparked the creation of the F.T.A. troupe.

A prize-winner at the Venice Film Festival and Ukraine’s official submission for the 93rd Academy Awards, Atlantis is a gorgeous and visionary sci-fi drama. In 2025, Eastern Ukraine is a desert unsuitable for human habitation, water a dear commodity brought by trucks. A wall is being built on the border. Sergiy, a former soldier having trouble adapting to his new reality, meets Katya while she’s on a humanitarian mission dedicated to exhuming the past. Together, they try to return to some sort of normal life in which they are also allowed to fall in love again.