Gift Memberships

Six Reasons you should get Cinema Detroit Memberships for all your Friends and Family this Holiday:

1) It’s going to make you look really smart. 
You’re not giving these people a way to see the latest Hollywood schlock, you’re opening their minds to new and boundary-pushing independent, classic, and locally-made cinematic ART! 

2) It’s the gift that keeps on giving. 
You pay for their membership once, but your friend or family member gets discounted tickets AND concessions for a WHOLE YEAR!

3) There is something in it for you, too.
A portion of the membership purchase is tax-deductible, so you can save a bit of cash that way come tax season. 
ALSO, as a special promotion, for every gift membership you purchase, we’re going to hook you up with a FREE small popcorn on your next visit (sorry, you don’t get any discounts from Uncle Sam for popcorn). 

4) You’re supporting a Detroit-based small business and keeping your dollars in the local economy!
Money spent at those other theatres around town end up getting funneled to corporations based on the coasts or large chains. 

5) Need a great gift for your couple friends? A Cinema Detroit membership makes a great gift for them, too! 
Get them an “Assistant Director” level membership, good for two individuals for the year. They can go on dates on their own, or double with you and someone else! 

6) Your friend will owe you one. 
If you give them a gift as nice as a Cinema Detroit membership, they’re probably going to feel obligated to get you a Faygo and popcorn the next time you come see a movie together. Score! 

Now that you’re convinced, click on this link and select the level of membership you’re looking for. Put your friend’s info in the blanks, and then shoot an email to letting us know you’ve purchased it as a gift. In the email, please provide us your name, the recipient’s name, and the date you’d like the membership to start, and we’ll can get everything set up for you. 

You could also give us a call (313-482-9028) and we can take care of it over the phone OR you can always stop by the Cinema Detroit box office and take care of it in person. 

Happy Holidays from Cinema Detroit!